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I guess I have not been paying attention. When and why did these classes change to a DYO/bracket race vs. class run-offs and then eliminator run-offs? I can only assume it is because of low car counts the last several years? What about Indy?
Class elims USED to mean something, especially at Indy. You won class it was like winning the race. I guess that is long gone. I still like to see what cars win what class when they do run class elims. Look, a Pinto! Or a front wheel drive 4 banger that runs 16's..... heh
It's been this way for at least a couple decades. Definitely for as long as I've been paying attention. I wouldn't have even known about the old format if it weren't for the racers I've met who did it in the 70s. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing races from the 90s with dials, so I'd guess it changed somewhere in the 80s or early 90s.

Class eliminations are their own separate thing and only run at a select few events. However, if you match up with an opponent who is in the same class, it's straight heads up. No handicap or breakout. Indy is the biggest race of the year for class eliminations, but they're still separated from the main draw.
looking thru the schedule this year, there are only (4) 4-day events prior to indy, and only brainerd has SS/STK class, followed of course by the nationals, and reading
will host STK class elims. ..... the run schedules are not posted yet for races after reading, which include ennis, vegas, and pomona all with 4-day events. as popular as STK/SS racing is,
i'm very surprised 'class' was not contested at at least gainesville or norwalk. nhra class trophies are coveted.
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