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Only 17 in Top Fuel... Mike Salinas isn't one of them. I wonder if the Scrappers are taking a race off to reorganize after having a rough start to the season. They have gone through a lot of parts and a car.

Disregard I now see them listed.. my mistake


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I saw Todd Patons name on the entry list for TF. no show? he was zoomin around in his racepak shirt on a scooter throughout the weekend.


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Barry and Todd own the car than Shawn Reed usually drives. Probably either tore up too much in Charlotte or opted not to race since there was a full field. I can’t remember the last time Todd was behind the wheel.


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Kinda sucked there was no pro mod, no tf harley, no jets at the end of the day. half the sportsman pits were empty by sunday morning.


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Pro Mod has only run once in Atlanta back in 2010.
Atlanta did have the Top Alcohol cars back this year, so the fans did have another "Fast" class.


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