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Thanks Jeff. I get an education when I read your posts. It's really interesting to me how technology has changed over the years. I remember in 1972, when T/F ran the first 5 second ETs. 6:71 blower, 2 speed & lotsa nitro. Then some years later, Top Alky Dragster ran the same ET's, but totally different combo. Screw blower, 3 speed Lenco, alky. Today, there are a lot of T/D that can run a 5 if they don't slow the car down some, and that is with a 2 speed glide and any number of combinations. I like reading what you write because it gives a lot of insight into T/D. I remember Warren Coburn & Miller running a 260" rear engine T/F car and thinking it was "long". Today, that's a good length for T/D. I think T/D reminds me a lot of Pro Comp, with all the different combinations. I love seeing a nitrous car go off with a blower car & both of them will run low 6's. Exciting to watch and the class puts on a good show. Yes, I have been known to go to U Tube and watch T/D racing. :)