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Just thought about Shawn Cowie and that monster run he did at Mission. Wasn't it like 5.16 & 280? Not too far off Julie Nataas' run, so maybe no changes to A/FD. Well, maybe make Meyer run 85% & everyone else 90%. :rolleyes:


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WORST Finals EVER!!! Worst possible outcome in every pro category.

Was ecstatic about Mike Salinas hanging with the big dogs.
Thy had these team shirts that in big block letters read "I LIKE MIKE" on the back.

Poor team Salinas/Scrappers.... there was a country western band set up right next to their trailer in the pits. They were blasting the C/W tunes non-stop.


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Looking at Q2 for T/F. Brittany Force is #1 at 3.667 330.31. Her short times were .829 60', 2.942 - 295.72 1/8 mile. That is the fastest 1/8 mile so far. #2 is Clay Millican @ 3.671 328.22. But, his 60' was .818 (!), and the 1/8 mile was 2.938 291.32. It's like the car "fell off" past the 1/8 mile and he "only" went 3.671. Man, I can't remember anyone having a .818 60' time. I think Grubby is holding back....:)

By the way, if Brittany wins the T/F championship, she will be only the 2nd woman to do that, after Shirley Muldowney, who won it 3X.
Larry Dixon back in his Miller days pull teens a couple of times! Don’t know what they did back then...