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Last Saturday I went all by my lonesome (Dad couldn't come because he couldn't leave work) to PBIR for the Power Festival.

Despite free admission, the place was not as packed as I expected and the car count was kinda low. Still, I managed some good shots and of course, managed to get some of the FL eye candy.

Gallery: Pics from the Palm Beach Power fest 2009 pictures from motor sports photos on webshots

Video 1: YouTube - Video from the Palm Beach Power Fest, part 1.
Video 2: YouTube - Video from the Palm Beach Power Fest, part 2.

Be sure to click on the "HQ" button when available.


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who's the gal with you? friend? girlfriend? driver? stranger?

Which one? The one in next to the Vega or the one in pink? The one in pink is the GF of one of the racer's friends. I thought she was cute (I told her that her BF is a lucky man) so I started up a conversation. The other gal is the daughter of the Vaga driver's friend.
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