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Outlaw Street Car Reunion VI - 4/11-4/13 - Beech Bend Raceway (1 Viewer)


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As a Pro Mod Junkie, I figured I'd post this. It is a Midwest Pro Mod Series event. 1/8th mile. Qualifying starts on Thursday at 6 p.m. CST on Speedvideo. Looking like upwards of 40 cars or more in Pro Mod. Some of the top drivers from the MWPMS, PDRA and NMCA all at the event. On Friday night (weather permitting, rain is possible), there is going to be 10 car East vs. West showdown. Schedule is on the MWPMS Facebook page. Some big hitters. A list of drivers posted on on the MWPMS Facebook page on 4/1:
1. Tommy Franklin
2. Melanie Salemi
3. Frankie Taylor
4. Jim Phillips
5. John Sullivan
6. Craig Sullivan
7. Jay Cox
8. Keith Haney
9. Jason Hamstra
10. Ron Muenks
11. Eddie Rogers
12. Jeff Rudolf
13. Todd Martin
14. David Mallory
15. Jeff Jones
16. Jim Sackuvich
17. Tommy D’Aprile
18. Aaron Wells
19. Jon Stouffer
20. Wayne Roberts
21. Justin Jones
22. Tony Williams
23. Todd Moyer
24. Jerry Hunt
25. Tommy Cunningham
26. David Monday 1
27. David Monday 2
28. Steve Summers
29. Kevin Maddux
30. EJ Hickl
31. Chad Javers
32. Randy Merick
33. Stephan Stringer
34. Jonas Aleshire (Maybe)
35. Michael Bradley
36. Bubba Stanton (In a loaner car)
37. Jason Harris

Questions list:
Rick Feeney
David Helton
Monty Todd
Joey Brewer
Tom Blincoe
Adam Flamholc
Randy Adler
Robert Costa
Joshua Vettel
Blake Housley
Jim Halsey
Rick Wilson
John Camp
Chris Rini
Lizzy Musi

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