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Lucky Sevens are rolling wild in Vegas with the biggest, most out outrageous street car race of the year just around the corner. It’s time for the Street Car Super Nationals VII "East vs. West Shootout", which is set to be held in Las Vegas November 17-20, 2011 presented by Chris Alston’s Chassis Works. In the 7th year and running strong, the SCSN has seen it all from the wildest of rides, hair raising close calls, big time competitive upsets, to the wildest side by side all out drag races ever. It’s a high stakes game of speed and nothing will be held back with the fastest heads up drag cars in North America all assembled in one place. It’s all about high horsepower, big cash purses, super bonus payouts, big contingency, massive media coverage, and Las Vegas to the max with guest models Jessica Barton and Mercedes Rangel.

Each year SCSN just keeps getting bigger and better. This year will be no exception with a bonus advantage for early birds. The event will start a day early on November 16th for those wanting an extra day of testing. Race promoter Mel Roth said “We learn a little bit each year about how we can make this event a better experience for all racers. We have revised the schedule to give all the classes more room and opportunity to get all available qualifying runs completed in a timely manner. Racers should see improved efficiency in the over all experience and operations. We have a great line up of contenders, cash and bonus awards, sponsors, and media. We are excited to see what this year’s event now in year seven will bring.”
Hot off the press Mickey Thompson Tires announced a $1,500.00 Bonus Award for the 1st Pro Street Racer that runs a 5-second pass on M/T 10.5W's at this years Street Car Super Nationals VII. Brad Brand has accepted the M/T challenge and will be headed out from Georgia with his 600 cubic inch Twin Turbo Mustang to snatch the cash. Top qualifiers in every class will get a random shot at a Lucas Oil gift pack and it just gets better.

The Hughes Performance Pro Street contenders list is quickly climbing at 40 confirmed and counting daily. The $20,000 purse is up for grabs. So who is headed for Vegas and what’s the line up? The West Coast will be defending its ground with a return of last year’s winner Rod Burbage in his.1958 Blown Corvette with a best of 5.93 @ 243 mph. It will be tough competition with an increasing number of contenders capable of reaching the five second range. The Pacific Street Car Association is putting out a tall order challenge to the East with this years 2011 class Champion Mike Maggio in his 70 ½ Blown Camaro with a best of 5.84 @ 251 mph. The events East West challenge lines have run straight north with an increasing number of tough competitors coming from Canada. Four-time WCPMA Champion Joe Delehay will be making the drive from Alberta with his 68 Blown Camaro. Jay Syvertson also from Canada is giving his luck a try in Vegas with a brand new combination in his Blown 1941 Willy’s. Spec- Rite Converters is offering Blown High MPH in Pro Street Qualifying a $250.00 Cash bonus, Highest Converter Driven' Qualifier in Outlaw 10.5 $250.00 Cash, and $150.00 Gift Certificates to all other Classes #1 Qualifiers just to kick things off.

Pro Street is open to all combinations and the “Turbo Terrors” are heavy on the hitters list. NHRA Pro Mod contender Troy Coughlin will be returning to the SCSN with his 68 BBC Twin Turbo Camaro running just over 250 mph. Clint “The Milkman” Hairston, a previous SCSN runner up will also be back to shake up the field with his Twin Turbo GTO and an imposing best ET of 5.97. Steve Matusek, another 250 mph runner, will make the trip from Kansas with his Twin Turbo Pro Mod Mustang. PSCA frequent, John Mihovetz will be looking for his day in Vegas with a best of 6.14 in his Lucas Oil/ Accufab Mustang. Will the Turbo’s pick off the blowers or will the big inch Nitrous and Naturally Aspirated contenders upset the field?

Terry Housely will be packing 864 cubic inches under the hood in his Sonny’s Hemi Nitrous 53 Corvette. Also giving the competition a good run, Joe Lepone Jr. who will be wielding an 865 Musi Nitrous engine in D Bar D Racing’s 70 ½ Camaro. Local Favorites in the nitrous competition will include Kelly Bluebaugh’s Magna Fuel Monte Carlo and Randy Walker in his uniquely styled 74 El Camino. The Local Speed Shop is giving the highest Nitrous qualifier a fat $250 in cash to help equal the odds. Good Year Racing will be giving away a free set of rear tires to the highest Pro Street qualifier of the event on Good Year’s.

Who will win the top class of SCSN VII? Perhaps its will be “El General Racing” coming all the way from the Dominican Republic, the farthest distance yet traveled to compete in the SCSN. Gustavo Turull will be bringing his 833 cubic inch 68 Camaro along with team partner Jose Gonzalez’s 2007 Twin Turbo GTO driven by Eric Dillard with a best of 5.93 @ 253 mph. The big question as usual is; where will the much anticipated bump spot land this year? Fans and competitors should get a good sneak preview at the annual Thursday Pro Street Showdown sponsored again by Daystar Products. Pro Street Contenders will run a single pass for a shot at the $500 cash each for the quickest and fastest time.

One thing is for sure. The JE Pistons/Precision Turbo Outlaw 10.5 class has been getting so fast that there is a high probability that someone just may run fast enough to make the Pro Street bump spot. It could in fact be Mike Murillo, the returning 2010 SCSN Outlaw winner boasting a best of 6.53 @ 225 mph in his Twin Turbo Mustang. Rick Snavely is also a likely Outlaw candidate to keep an eye on for making the Pro Street bump. His Twin Turbo Mustang ran the best of 6.662 @ 223 mph. Both teams are on top of there game. Two time SCSN Outlaw winner Dale Moznik will be returning to try and stake a claim to a third class win with his 833 cubic inch Nitrous El Camino. The Outlaw 10.5 competition should be fierce with many contenders running in the very low 7 second range and someone will take home $10,000 in cash. Tim McAmis Performance Parts will be giving $500 in cash to the highest overall qualifier in both Pro Street and Outlaw 10.5.
The Magna Fuel Extreme Drag Radial/ True Ten-5 (XDR/TT-5) class will be off the hook as these small tire competitors let it all hang out for the $5000 purse. Roger Holder, 2010 SCSN XDR/TT-5 winner will be back to defend his position with a Twin Turbo BBC under the hood. 2010 runner up, Josh Lindsey will be looking for the win as well with his single Turbo Ford Mustang. Will the Turbo entries take XDR/TT-5 or will Pro Charger combinations storm the field? Chris Groves is betting on his Pro Charger Mustang with a best of 7.40 @ 202 mph. Levi Hanna will be in the house with his BBC F3 Pro Charger Camaro. Allen Stewart is putting his bet on Nitrous with his 548 cubic inch BBC Camaro. Everyone in XDR/TT-5 is packing big power and it should get interesting fast. Sheldon Root is bringing his 62 Pontiac Acadian all the way from Canada. He’s had this wild ride in the 6’s with a little more tire. The top Leaf Spring entry will get $250 in cash from Calvert Racing in XDR/TT-5, Wild Street, and Outlaw 8.5. The XDR/TT-5 #1 overall qualifier will get a free set of racing air horns from LP racing.

The SCSN sees more and more repeat contenders every year and Mickey Thompson Tires Wild Street is no exception. 2010 Wild Street winner George Raygoza will be looking for a second year win and the $3000 purse in his BBC Nitrous Nova. 2010 Wild Street runner up Frank Varela will be back for seconds also looking to steal that number one spot with his Pro Charger Mustang. 2009 Wild Street Winner, David Schwarz will be looking to claim another win with a best of 7.63 in his Turbo Ford. Wild Street will definitely be another class off the hook in the heads up competition.

AMP Performance/Rousch/ JE Pistons Hot Street is a great class for racers and spectators alike with some of the most exciting wheel stands and side by side racing action. 2010 Hot Street winner Ron DeWild is coming back to roll the dice in Vegas hoping to take the purse with his SB2.2 SBC 64 Chevy II. Ben Mens will be making the trip all the way from Michigan to give his luck a try with his Lucas Oil SBF Mustang. With no power adders in this class, it will be raw power to the finish line first. Pat Hermanson will be shaking up the class with a best of 8.04 in his wheel standing Chevy Nova. 2009 Hot Street Champion Victor Brum will be betting on his 552 cubic inch BBC Chevelle and looking to claim another SCSN win and a cool $2500. This will no doubt be a builder’s race as competitor’s wrangle the horsepower in these minimally modified street cars.

Outlaw 8.5 is a very unique class running on the smallest of possible tires just 26 x 8.5”. The vision and concept is based historically from a time when racers worked with a factory production car using nothing but home grown ingenuity to make a championship winning race car. This is a true grassroots racers class. These cars are so outrageous that they are limited to the 1/8 mile. Mark Washington has been a West Coast forerunner in this competition and he will be in Vegas looking for a win and the $1500 purse with his Nitrous SBF Mustang. Many racers will be showing up with new combinations just for this event. Eric Gustafson will running a Pro Charger combination in his 69 Camaro. Anthony Dickson will be trying out Twin Turbo’s in his 93 Mustang and Deron Growe will be banking on Nitrous in his 55 Chevy. This class will be just crazy with all this power on a little tire. K&N Filters will be giving a $100 product certificate to Outlaw 8.5, Wild, Open Comp, and Mustang Madness #1 qualifiers.

The Vortech Street Challenge is designed for the factory hot rod and late model car and there is no excuse to miss a chance at the competition in this class; but racers had better bring a power adder. This stock street car class is twisted with Nitrous, Super Chargers, and Turbo’s. Jeff Cagle will be bringing his Chevy powered 72 Datsun 240z and a shot of Nitrous on the side. Scott Bieschke is packing Twin Turbo’s in his Ford Mustang. Anthony “Big Worm” Smith will be hiding a Super Charger under the stock looking hood of his Mustang. These contenders are just looking for an unsuspecting challenger in these sleeper street cars and someone will walk away with $1550.

The Good Year Racing Open Comp, Calvert Racing Bracket-1, Edelbrock Super Index, and Ross Racing Pistons Double Index are open to all sorts of wild combinations. Contender entries range from bone stock daily drivers to entries like Dave Walters Reher Morrison 565ci BBC Nitrous Chevelle. In these classes, quick on the tree and wickedly consistent wins the round. It’s a drivers skill race and contenders expecting a win will have to out perform 2010 Open Comp Champion Ken “Dak” Spears in his 585 cubic inch 54 Chevy Pickup Truck. Ron DeHoop, 2010 Double Index runner up will be another tough contender in his Lucas Oil Chevelle. Contenders can also enter Ford Racing’s Mustang Madness, a class specially designed for the Mustang enthusiast. K.J. Jones will be bringing his new Super Charged Mustang for a maiden voyage in Vegas. These classes will see increased payout and bonus awards this year. Anyone is welcome to join the action. Kenne Bell will be passing out $250 in cash to the #1 qualifiers in Open Comp and Double Index. Race Pak will be giving Bracket-1, Super Index, and Mustang madness #1 qualifiers a Sportsman Data Logger.
The SCSN is one of the most widely media covered Street Car events of the year. It’s the place to be seen offering great coverage for racers and sponsors. Roger Richards from Competition Plus will provide excellent photo coverage as usual. Bangshift will be doing a live stream of the event and the LVMS will have their web cams on to catch every piece of the action. Viewers can tune in beginning Thursday at 3:30 pm Pacific Time for the Pro Street Showdown. 1320 Go will provide live timing for the event. Results can be found on Drag Race Central. Daily coverage of all the action will be available on Drag Racing Online and Dragzine. Social media coverage will of course be on Yellow Bullet, the SCSN’s Facebook Fan page, and Twitter. Fastest Street Car Magazine will be in the house taking pictures and writing cool articles. Don’t miss out on the action; last minute bonus cash to grab, unannounced surprises, and tons of fun. Racers are invited to cruise the Las Vegas Strip with Larry Larson’s 6 second Pro Street Nova and Joe Barry’s BBC Twin Turbo 56 Chevy. The group will meet at the Stratosphere at 9 pm sharp Friday evening.


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