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O.C.I.R Manufacturers Race-67 (1 Viewer)

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Just this past weekend was the anniversary of the first Manufacturers race at Orange County in 67. Usually I have posted the line up of the teams and the race recap, not this time, more of some of the stuff I saw that made this race so iconic, revolutionary, and historical.

Of course this race format was original and unique. The talent was incredible. The crowd was massive, standing room only would not due the crowd justice. This was only the 4th race Dad and I had been to at O.C.I.R. since the opening in early August as we of course had our butts at Lions on most all Saturday nights.

We had seen some shows starting in late September and early October around So-Cal that had seen the slow and steady trickle of all the mid-west and eastern funny cars come west. From Fremont to Irwindale to Carlsbad and of course Lions. This early November event looked to top all the others with the talent booked.

We left the comfy confines of Van Nuys, California right about 1:30 in the afternoon as dad had the feeling if we don't get there early to park and get a good seat, we would be scavenging for scrap seats, lol, he was so right. About 2:15ish we passed by the Alameda exit of the 405, I looked at Lions as we passed. Weird.

We got there before 3, parked in a great spot right by the road coming in, way out there all by ourselves, looked odd as we were way out there, everybody at that time parked as close to the ticket booth, dad got it right as it payed off in the am.

We gathered our stuff and hustled of to the ticket booth, payed for our ducats and got in. Before I sat down, I went to the fence, spectator side, first grandstand right by that trick scoreboard. As dad secured top row on the aisle seats, I watched Jack Christman's Kendall GT-1 make a run and va-voom the supercharger and take the top of the sweet Comet, yikes.

After that we gorged on burgers, then payed for a pit pass, walked around behind the line to check out the "teams." This was the heaviest of the heavy-hitters in town, some I had only read about, some I had seen leading up to this epic show.

You could feel the electricity, the vibe, and the intense nature of this event. The driver/team introductions was intense, the best in the business! Flawless, killer, it had it all.

When the race started at 6 is was fully packed in like sardines, the crowd was into it, people pulling for their brand, it was serious, betting was going on, my dad cleaned up betting against some of the know-it-all newbies who knew zilch about the 67 season players, payed for that night and many to come, boo-ya!

The last race my dad and his buddies made some bank in the final, there were some Pontiac guys who thought the Gay bros. Firebird was going to "wax" Fast Eddies "Air Lift Rattler, we know how that turned out, my late uncle Joe won $20.00 on that race alone on a 1-run race, think about that, that was in 1967.

As soon as my dad and uncle got payed, we hustled out to the well parked car and in short order we were out of the track, got home after 2:00am. but it was sure worth it!

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This race also pounded the nail into the coffin for the injected cars, door or flip top, and really hammered the stake into the Supercharged door cars. One of the many impressive rides at this race was the Gary Dyer driven "Mr. Norms Supercharger" Dodge Charger.

May I also repeat a statement made on other posts, Terry Hedrick driving Seaton's Corvair was a dang animal behind the wheel just punishing that Corvair, that dude beat the excrement out of the ride.

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