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Not a good way for the Nitro classes to start the season

yes, the big dogs certainly slow down the show too by breaking and blowing up. IMO it's getting to be too much. too much expense. too much speed. too dangerous.
brittany made a mistake, and then she didn't have a chance. i think we'll find out in time she's hurt more than reports will lead on, even if she does drive in phoenix, kinda' like the slap alexis took at vegas. she got out while she could. smart girl. these cars are moving around in a millisecond. the explosions are catastrophic. parts failure at speed is a nightmare. (torrence last fall) (john force last saturday) and so many others. starting to get nervous watching this sport i love.
If you listen to the Legends Series with Don Garlits on CompetitionPlus, he talks about this very thing. He strove to not break parts and doesn't think blowing up everything - or even anything - to get the win is good for the sport. Don Prudhomme expressed a similar sentiment on the Saturday All Access broadcast. It seems it's almost required to run stuff on the ragged edge of disaster and blow it up if need be.........but that's clearly not conducive to controlling costs, and it's only a matter of time before one of these nuclear engine explosions claims someone we all care about. Yes, the sport has changed since these guys raced, but it's not a change for the better. I realize there's a fine line between macho and stupid (the latter usually preceded by "hold my beer...") and there's no sissies in racing, but at some point sanity might say rein it in a little. My 2 cents.
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Remember the type of work Bruno has done up until now. Mostly half hour shows, such as Truck U, where he really only has about 19 minutes to get his point across. That's where his rapid fire pace comes from, I think.

He does a great job.


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I was just saying this same thing to the wife on Sunday, they need to do something about all the explosions, Crashes are at an acceptable rate IMO if that makes sense, things are going to happen. The explosions are out of control though, it is only a matter of time as to when someone is seriously injured or killed.


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It’s pretty clear from their recent promotional videos that NHRA considers explosions to be part of the show. The expectation of big boomers brings in plenty of spectators, but it’s the racers who incur the cost and expose themselves to the danger. There’s no doubt that rule book revisions could make these events very rare, but the gate revenue would likely suffer.
NHRA obviously promotes fuel cars Blowing up and they run with that on their commercials to get new fans but on the downside, They fine the drivers for their promotional benefit.
How about the money that NHRA collects in fines be distributed to the Top Three? Nope, It's not gonna happen because the litter that they use during a season costs them $30,000.