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2 Q on Sat. will be interesting to watch. if the track will hold a .60 something, will teams go for low e.t. on 1st run? or just try and run a .70 something and come back
in 2nd Q and try to run e.t. ....... i'm thinkin' that 1st Q run is gonna' be pretty important. no more friday 1st sessions where hardly anyone makes it past 1/2 track. lots of strategy.
make up race for gators sept. 25-27. probably a better date than early june. wouldn't surprise if this doesn't happen.
The Gainesville humidity is worse in September. :(


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I read in the NHRA.com article that the 2 day events will be 2 rounds of qualifying on Saturday, and eliminations on Sunday.
It's pretty much an all run deal anymore anyways. It'll just be 2 hits to get it dialed in then race. Be surprised if there are even full fields at all of them.


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The revised NHRA schedule indicates "what specific National Events have been canceled at this time", that would be subject to increase depending on the situation. You know what has been cancelled and can plan accordingly. Regarding rescheduled races from Gainesville and Houston to be run in June, this is an opportunity to race under the lights. Night qualifying and eliminations? Should help with attendance and race acton under the lights would make for great TV. Who knows what will be on TV then, but a complete live event under the lights would bring added interest. The last night eliminations at a NHRA national event was St Louis, scheduled for the nighttime? Dallas raced at night, maybe weather delay and might have been during the IHRA days?

As the song says, the night time is the right time ...



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Was Pro Stock Bike always scheduled for Seattle, or is that a result of the restructuring? Either way, it's the first time we've seen them here (though I'd still prefer Top Fuel Harley... :) )


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Was Pro Stock Bike always scheduled for Seattle, or is that a result of the restructuring? Either way, it's the first time we've seen them here (though I'd still prefer Top Fuel Harley... :) )
They were already going to run Seattle. It will be cool to see them run there since they’ve never been. I wonder what the numbers will be.
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The old saying "It is what it is" apples here and looking at what going on each day with this virus spreading I think it might be overly optimistic looking at when any races might be run.
Everyone is in the exact same boat and even though I try to stay positive each day thinking that things some how are getting better drag racing seems along way down the road.

My doctors tell me do not leave my home for any reason because of my immune system problems!

Stay safe Jim Hill


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This is my personal take on this whole mess: In my opinion there aren't going to be any mass gatherings (especially down here in Florida) until August at the soonest. All the racing series (and all other sports) are scrambling to up-date their schedules with HOPE that they'll be allowed to resume but no one knows what's going to happen in the next month. If I were you guys I wouldn't buy any plane tickets, race tickets or hotel rooms until the all-clear is given.

I saw a report on the news last night that said this might last 6 months hope not but again who knows? Hang Tough...


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One thing I thought about was the Divisionals and also the way Alky classes are run. Div 7 lost alky racing except for Vegas, so my hope is that the Div 7 race scheduled for Oct (?) will now have alky cars. Trying to be optimistic but this could be a short season. Was a blessing for me to see the Nat'l event at Wild Horse and then the Div 7 race at Tucson.


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Congrats to the NHRA for trying to save their season. Please listen to those people with PHD or MD after their name. Those who attended college without an acceptable result don't need to be calling the shots these days.

Wouldn't it be cool to do 2 day event qualifying old school. Open qualifying at 9am Sat and close it at 3pm. I guess it would be too much to ask for push starts.


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Houston in June. Let’s see how many cars will make it down the track that weekend! Most likely low to mid 90’s. I always thought it was to late in the year on the regular schedule. It was in the low 90’s here in Houston today. I am not sure why the NHRA doesn’t have the Houston race later in the fall along with Dallas.
Houston in June is totally ridiculous. NHRA should just move the race now. I go every year, but will have to take a hard pass on this one.

I guarantee you that the stands will be half empty (as apposed to half full). Ask anyone that went to the Hot Rod Power Tour in Baytown, June of 2016. Everyone that could, kept going to their car, soaking wet, and sitting in the A/C instead if enyoying the show. It was horendous, the Power Tour will never return.

The track is 10' above sea level, in the middle of a swamp, in 100 degrees, in 100% humidity. As much as I love Drag Racing, no thanks.
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