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I still think one of the biggest what ifs in drag racing history is what would have happened had Blaine Johnson not been killed, I believe he and Alan would have changed the face of top fuel racing and maybe have went down as the greatest duo in history, maybe even more so than Force & Coil or Bernstein and Armstrong


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Outstanding. Blaine and Alan were a #1 team. If you look at what Alan has done one can only imagine what Alan & Blaine would have accomplished together. I remember that day at Indy, it was unbelievably sad when it happened.


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Definitely looking forward to this one! I still sit back and think what if that tragic accident didn’t happen how many championships Blaine and Alan would have amassed. He would be probably the most decorated team in T/F and all the titles that all the drivers who have driven a Alan Johnson tune car would have been Blaine’s!
He would probably been the top of the class!
It breaks my heart. Back when they ran in the sportsman class they started to show their true potential and man did it carry over to Top Fuel!


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Terrific tribute to Blaine and Alan. I was left wondering if things had been different, who would be regarded as the greatest top fuel driver of the modern era and who would have all the wins and championships.


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I'm glad I was at Pomona when Blaine broke thru for his first TF win at the Finals and then was there for the Winters win in Feb. Some really good memories! I was such a big Blaine and Alan Johnson fan....still am. That was the best episode yet! Thank you, Bobby


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I remember that day at Indy, it was unbelievably sad when it happened.
i remember driving back home from NYC, listening to an all News station, when there next report started off with the distinguishable sound of a nitro car and i immediately thought 'oh no', because this station never reports on anything remotely close to drag racing and sure enough ........


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I was at Indy that year, and saw that run from the TEC seats. Later that night, out at a restaurant, I looked up at a TV monitor where there was Blaine's picture, and my stomach sank before I even heard the report. Same deal James. Blaine was my favorite driver at that time, it was so tragic. I'm grateful for Alan to have stuck around and ended up making a big contribution to the sport, on many levels. And, he still is.


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I was at Indy when Blaine lost his life. Before that run he was sitting in his car waiting for the Tow vehicle to pull out and tow him to the lanes. I walked up and asked what they think they can run? He smoked the tires the night before, so he said Alan was shooting for a .65. I said good luck and that was it!!!

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