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Bob, glad you are back. these comics are so cool! never remember them from when I was (much) younger. Wonder if Dick Jessee got a little miffed at the bad guy. heh

SoCal Racer

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Wow, these are great photos. 120" wheelbase, steel frame, cast iron Poncho motor..... :) How many remember calling the Pontiac engine a Poncho? How many remember the A/FX class, 1962, Pontiac Tempest (the "compact" car) with a 421" Pontiac big block? I think A/FX could be called the ancestor of F/C. Below is a link to what the 62 looked like.

I'm old....I remember it all! :) If not from firsthand experience, at least from the car magazines.


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REAL Pontiac engine. Those engines & the Olds engines actually could run quick on nitro, espcially in the late '50's & early 60's. I still remember Ernies Camera Pontiac dragster. Ran on gas or fuel & it was a player. Safford-Gaide-Ratican Olds T/F could run with the best; was one of the 1st cars to run in the 7's I think. Even Garlits was amazed that an Olds could run so quick. Ya know, looking at the above photo, it was kinda sorta a forerunner of todays' chassis, ie: driver sits in front of rear end & sits high.
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