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Mountain Motor P/S at Houston (1 Viewer)

I noted that JR Carr ran 6.233 @ 227.80 in round 1. Is that the quickest & fastest ever for 1/4 mile in this class?

By the way, what did all y'all think of the race they put on? (Had to say all y'all cuz of my Texas family.) I would have been pretty excited to see it in person.
The car JR Carr is running is the one he had built to replace the car I bought from him last year. Makes me feel good. I already sent a text to Frank Gugliotta. :)
Years ago, the fastest door cars, unblown on gas, were A/Gas. This might be a stretch, but you could call MM P/S the quickest & fastest door cars, unblown on gas today, the equivlent of A/G. They are not even running the biggest engines, I think around 825 CI + -. Makes ya wonder what they could do with a 960 P/M motor....

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