Mohegan Sun team adds Tommy Gray’s Undertaker Racing to its roster (1 Viewer)

Mohegan Sun team adds Tommy Gray’s Undertaker Racing to its roster
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<br><font color="Navy">Tommy Gray adds, “Paul and I have been working on putting something together for a little while now. It gets tougher every year to run these cars without major sponsors.</font>

<P> (8-20-08) Plainfield, CT – Paul Athey, owner of Red Eagle Racing, and Tommy Gray, owner of Undertaker Racing, are pleased to announce a new partnership between the two teams. The popular Undertaker car will be carrying the Mohegan Sun logos for the remainder of the 2008 racing season.

The addition of Tommy Gray brings the Mohegan Sun team to a total of 3 Pro Modified cars, 1 Top Dragster car, 1 Top Sportsman car, 1 Hot Rod car, and an ET dragster. Paul Athey has his Mohegan Sun/Sterling Homes 1941 Willys, Ron Iannotti has the Mohegan Sun/West Coast Choppers 1941 Willys and Tommy Gray has the Mohegan Sun/Undertaker Racing 1968 Camaro. All three will race together for the first time at the Shakedown at E-town event on October 4th and 5th.

With the deal, the Mohegan Sun logos will be displayed on the quarter panels of Tommy Gray’s Pro Mod car. This partnership also helps Paul as he has been unable to drive his own car or travel too far due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in June. Tommy will be racing various ADRL and outlaw events throughout the rest of 2008. Mohegan Sun has been the primary partner with Paul Athey since 1997. In 2007 Paul added the second full time team car with Ron Iannotti. Both Paul and Tommy are excited about the possibilities for next season.

“I’m very happy to be able to help Tommy and his team and at the same time he will be able to help me out with advertising”, quoted by Paul Athey. “Tommy is going to some races that we were originally planning on going to but are not able to attend right now as I’m still unable to drive. Plus I get to help his team out a little. We could all use assistance with the price of things these days! It’s nice to get different people and companies working together. Drag racing is a great sport and the Pro Mods are my favorite class. I’m always trying to do what I can to help people out and grow our sport. We’re also working to see what we can do for 2009.”

Tommy Gray adds, “Paul and I have been working on putting something together for a little while now. It gets tougher every year to run these cars without major sponsors. We appreciate Paul and his partners being able to help us and we can’t wait to get back out on the track and get things working this weekend at Norwalk. We’ve been running really good lately and won the last ADRL race at Budds Creek a few weeks ago with our brand new Vanishing Point Camaro. Hopefully we can end the year running just as strong.”

Undertaker Racing has also recently added associate partnerships with PGT Trucking who is known as the proud professional throughout the United States took some clients to their first ADRL race at Maryland International Dragway.” John from PGT Trucking stated “I instantly realized after two days of pure fun and excitement at a drag strip I saw the marketing possibilities with the ADRL and Tommy Gray. Our company has decided to join the undertaker team and the ADRL to try putting together a full partnership for next season. I know that our company PGT Trucking can promote company drivers and owner operators all over the United States.

I also see why a fun company like Mohegan Sun has become involved. Along with this relationship we hope to have fun with our customers at the Mohegan Sun Resorts. I have known of Tommy’s Racing program for a long time now without having any major sponsorship. We hope to help push him towards a championship in the 2008 season but regardless if Tommy gets a win or not the fun that Tommy brings to the table for the fans makes him a champion. "I I highly recommend any race fan who has not been to a ADRL race you must go and stop on over at the Undertaker pits and get your new Undertaker apparel and if you are looking for a new career sign up with PGT Trucking or go to for more information on Mohegan Sun, a world at play.” JEGS is also on board as a sponsor, and we are really proud to work with them with the Jegs Pro Mod Challenge this year they really have made the Pro Mods stand out. The Camaro is currently being prepared to get loaded up for the trip to Norwalk where Tommy will compete in the ADRL Pro Extreme class.
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