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Is Mike still going to debut this weekend with the new car/team? Can't wait to see what the car will look like.
I have to say the new team came together under Brian Corradi's leadership, worked day and night tireless hours and the car is finally on it's way to the Western Swing! These guys are committed and loyal and I am looking forward to working with them. These guys are winners! Our team will turn in championship style results, I just know it! I have to hand it to DSR, Brian and the whole team for pulling off a sheer miracle. I am appreciative and excited to light the candles! Look for us to show off our new hot rod at the MOPAR block party Thursday night!!! It's cool............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1How bout a little peek....

Expect to win,

Mike Ashley
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Thanks Jim! That means alot to me.... Now it's time to put some horsepower behind our program we have alot of catching up to do! (horsepower as a figure of speech!):)

Expect to Win...

Mike Ashley
Good Luck the rest of the season Mike...
And ya know, for a Dodge, she's a fine looking Hot Rod ;)
Have a fun Western Swing
Mike Good Luck!! That car looks great like all of your rides! :)

Congrats to you and the team.

The car looks sharp!! I see a hint of camo in the paint maybe?? I think they will do well the rest of the season,and Mike has the right attitude about winning,his sig says so.
how bout a peak at the sides for those of us who won't be on the mountain?

pretty please....
Mike, best of luck, you have a great team with Brian at the helm and the car looks awesome!
Seeing only the front of the car is one big tease:p . I can't wait to see the sides of the car on TV this weekend.
Looks like the car will be killer looking! Can't wait to see it in action! Good Luck on the swing, see you in Sonoma.:D
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