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Ya know, if this was a cooler time of the year, I could see a 5.25 bump for T/AD and a 5.45 for TA/FC. I wish Cowie was there and Joey and some other hitters. Sean B will win TA/FC, so no problem there. :)


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I see the governor issued a order allowing fans to attend tomorrow. If I was in the Dallas area, I would be at the track.


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Barry, there is a list of entries on nhra.com.

Also reminder, it will be on nhra.tv for those of you who have that package,

Alan, I noticed they're running TD TS 1/8 mile is that new for this year ?


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Sean won TA/FC. Wow - Shawn & Annie both ran 5.49 in the final, but Shawn had the hole shot. Good race!
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