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Sean Bellemeur

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Racers, Fans, please support this event! They have stuck their necks out and gone through all the steps to give us a safe place to go race. It'll be two days of some bad ass, action packed racing. 15 bucks for the event?? It'll be the best money you'll spend next weekend. Isn't it time to see some live sports again??

Link to purchase the event on pay-per-view: https://tickets.thefoat.com/TexasMotorplex/Keurig+Dr+Pepper+Lone+Star+Nationals/tickets/event-36479/

Already bought my ticket to watch race


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they r advertising 2 qual on fri and 2 on sat --- most unusual ---- but thats great ... cant wait .. there will prob b cars there that dont usually run d 4 races ... good deal ..


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Barry, there is a list of entries on nhra.com.

Also reminder, it will be on nhra.tv for those of you who have that package,



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I already bought my $15 weekend tickets when they announced it would be on nhra.tv, but I'm not mad - if my money is showing support of drag racing, then I'm ok either way! Very excited - and the Alcohol classes are my favorites anyway, so this is a win/win. Can't wait to finally watch LIVE drag racing!!!


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Top Alcohol Funny Car
Bill Bernard
Bob McCosh
Steve Burck
Sean Bellemeur
Ray Drew
Jonathan Johnson
Bryan Brown
Doug Gordon
Kyle Smith
Annie Whiteley

Top Alcohol Dragster
Karl Brounkowski
Brandon Pierce
James Stevens
Rachel Meyer
Megan Meyer
Robin Samsel
Michael Burns
Chris Demke
Buddy Domingue
Spencer Massey
Dean Dubbin
Brandon Greco


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The forecast looks warm and muggy with typical Texas Pop Up Showers possible, anybody up for a bump spot prediction? I say
TAD 5.32
TAFC 5.57

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