It's a "Blue Jean Year" for Team Valvoline (1 Viewer)

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It's a "Blue Jean Year" for Team Valvoline

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 27, 2008) -- If you walked through the offices of Valvoline on any given Friday lately, chances are pretty good you would be walking in a virtual winner's circle of denims.

It's a novel twist on the "casual Friday" phenomenon where employees of Ashland/Vavoline at its Lexington, Ky. campus can wear blue jeans the Friday following a Team Valvoline victory on either the NASCAR or NHRA circuit.

To date there have been 15 professional wins by Valvoline drivers and the NASCAR and NHRA seasons have yet to reach the halfway mark.

The prevalent Friday denim look at Valvoline's offices will once again be in full force on Friday as a result of Team Valvoline driver Kasey Kahne's win in last weekend's Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway near Charlotte.

"We've been celebrating wins by Valvoline teams for a long time," said Valvoline spokesman Barry Bronson. "Ashland employees at Valvoline's Lexington campus know that Valvoline is not only on the car but in the car making a connection beyond basic sponsorship."

Team Valvoline's technical partnerships with Roush Fenway Racing and Gillett Evernham Motorsports in NASCAR along with Don Schumacher Racing, David Powers Motorsports and Tim Wilkerson of Joed-Racing in NHRA are clicking on all cylinders.

The breakdown of the 15 professional wins includes five in NASCAR -- three for Roush Fenway Racing driver Carl Edwards and two for Gillett Evernham Motorsports pilot Kahne. Included in Kahne's win column is the Sprint All-Star Race victory.

Valvoline's NHRA teams have found winner's circle 10 times. Don Schumacher Racing has five wins -- Tony Schumacher (three in Top Fuel), Cory McClenathan (one in Top Fuel) and Jack Beckman (one in Funny Car.).

David Powers Motorsports has captured three wins in Top Fuel -- two by rookie Antron Brown and one by Rod Fuller. Tim Wilkerson of Joed-Racing has two wins in Funny Car.

Schumacher and Wilkerson lead in driver points in their respective NHRA categories of Top Fuel and Funny Car.
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