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Houston looking like it will be postponed (1 Viewer)


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im not surprised . i dont c any racing for the near future . sonoma and seattle ( i wouldnt want to go there)will prob b cancelled ... there will b the races in between these to b cancelled too.(prob all). its any bodys guess when the next race is .. im baseing my prediction from the cities that have a strong presence of the virus .. i listen to the medical teams , not trump .. the olympi's have been cancelled , baseball ,etc., have all been posponed indefinitely .. i think gaterings will come back slowly .. we r far away from that .. again , the medical profession is not even "close " from saying the country is save ... stay save friends


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Yah, unfortunately I’d guess the first chance of the professional tour starting up again would be MAYBE sometime on the Western Swing at the very earliest and that’s being quite optimistic. If the airlines temporarily shut down for the early summer (perhaps seeking bailout) - I think we’re done.
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