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Hangover Nats at Tucson Dragway. Went down there today, cuz hadn't been there in quite some time. Plus, I used to go to this race at the late Speedworld. Good car count, over 200. Racers from Calif, Nevada, Montana, N Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona and, of course, our first cousins from Canada. You know that lady who races V/SA with the killer Ford Mustang? BJ is her name & I'm spacing out on her last name. Anyhoo, she is there, running 13.60's with a 2 bbl carb at Tucson altitude. Was surprised that the weather is hot, like 115.... no, wait, (heh heh), 81, but that is still about 15 degrees above "normal". Yeah, and this is the desert too. So, enjoyed being there. They run tomorrow as well.


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BJ Graham, she holds the record I believe. Her husband Mike also races. I'm planning to go out tomorrow for a bit.