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Favorite Topless Funny Car? (1 Viewer)

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What was your favorite Topless Funny Car? Here are a few who came to So-Cal to race at Lions, Irwindale, and O.C.I.R. Most below did.

Bruce Gowland-"Lil'Colonel Chevy ll
Cecil Yother-Melrose Missile Plymouth Satellite
Jim Guthrie-Super Chevy ll
Charlie Wilson-Vicious Vette
Hayden Proffit-Corvair
Randy Walls-Corvair
Lorenz & Wright-Topless ll-Chevyll
Roger Wolford-Secret Weapon Jeep
Don Kirby-Corvette
Bob Sullivan-Pandemonium VI Camaro
Marv Eldridge Trends Corvette
Gene Conway-Destroyer Jeep
Bob Pickett-Mr. Pickett Corvette
John Lombardo-Corvette
Gary Gabelich-Beach City Corvette
Ed Lenarth-Holy Toledo Jeep
Mike Mitchell-Corvette
Dale Armstong-The Canuck
The Canadian-Plymouth Valiant

Those are some that I saw race. Which one is yours?

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Didn't like any of 'em, and I don't like the current crop of topless SuperGas cars, either. Doesn't mean I don't have respect for the cars and the drivers' accomplishments; I certainly do. I simply don't like the look and never did.


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Gene Conway had a topless Vette that did well in West Coast racing. Think he only ran it one season ? He did build an NHRA legal Vette after that. Jack Chrisman had a topless 1966 Mercury Comet. Ran injected at first & later ran a blower.


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Yep, the Chrisman car was probably the best of the bunch. Think how many of those cars would still have tops if the blower restraints had come along sooner. The Beach City car probably did more to introduce drag racing to Orange County freeway drivers than all the others combined.


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HA! Can you imagine driving on that freeway and all of a sudden, here comes the Beach City Vette, on fire, right in front of you!!! For those that don't know, if you got to the end of the track at OCIR and couldn't stop, you could end up on the freeway that kinda paralled the track. That did happen a few times. At San Fernando, way at the end of the track were some BIG rocks. There was a sign that said "spin out area" & if you passed that..... If you went off the end of the track at Lions, you'd end up on a city street. I think that did happen a couple of times. What catch net? What kitty litter? Arghh
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