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It was a good race. Max Verstappen looks to be the class of the field again this year.
Lewis Hamilton, once the dominant racer, is fighting just finish in the top 10 each race.
I would love to attend a race in person but those ticket prices are a bit too extreme.


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celebrity's behavior in the limelight correlates to public's perception of them.
Is that their problem or the people that view as their job to determine their perception of them based on a 30 second interaction?


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look no further than rite here on the mater. if a well known driver makes disparaging remarks or actions into or in front of camera, they face public scrutiny.
that's just the way it is........enders picture in front greg's trailer. c ferre tiff with torrence.......brundle openly admits his odd starting grid interviews have come to define him.


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am also noticing that more than one article or video describes F1 as world's fastest sport, or motorsport........not exactly accurate, but how do you change that?
is nhra going to call liberty media and complain? would they listen if that happened?
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