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Joh Durbin of Drag Racing Magazine approached Lions Drag Strip promoter C.J. Hart, and Ralph Guldahl about holding a big experimental stocker meet at Lions in early march of 1966. The result?

All parties agreed on the promotion and went ahead with it, it was beyond a home-run success. A sold out crowd with thousands turned away swamped Lions with easily the biggest crowd ever at the 223rd & Alameda legendary track. Over 12,000 saturated the track.

The Unlimited Stocker meet drew the absolute best in the sport at the time, from Hubert Platt to Ronnie Sox, or Dick Harrell to Gene Snow. Near 50 cars battled it out all night. That race proved the worth of such a meet for the time and the future.

I wish I could tell you how epic it was but I can't, why? Cuz I was not there to see it, why? Dad and I were about 150 miles north at Famoso for the March Meet, the one that the Surfers won. When we went to Lions the next week all we heard was how packed the place was, how good the racing was and the show they put on. Great stuff!

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