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If any of you fans/maters are in the area Wednesday July 12, come on over to the Craig Hospital in Englewood. I will have the Brut showcar there for their 14th Annual Motorsports day. Last year was a blast. Some old Front Engine Dragsters, Midget racers, Pure Heck Altered, old cars, new cars, odd cars.... the coolest, I thought, was a '57 Ford Ranchero drag car/truck with all hand controls. Some very neat stuff here.

Be there to see Erica Hoffman, the recipient of this years powered wheel chair. Close to 200 cars on site. Lots of fun. Come see me if you can. The show runs from 9 til 1. Barbecue lunch for $6 on site also.

Email me at [email protected] for more information.

Hope to see you there.
They are expecting 200 cars this year. Should be a fun day. It was last year. The Bandimere's were there the entire time last year. What a nice group of people. Denver is lucky to have them operating the facility here.
It is a good time at the car show. I can thank that car show for getting me into drag racing. I was a patient at Craig Hospital (for those that don't know is THE BEST place in the WORLD for spinal cord injury patients in my opinion) back in June of 95, and they had the car show when I was there and gave free tickets to anyone who wanted to go to the Mile High Nationals. So my Dad and I went and I have been hooked ever since.
I got to meet Daryl Gwynn and Mike Dunn was there with the LaVictoria Salsa dragster at the hospital, great guys too by the way.
What a show. The weather was perfect. For those of you that didn't come, you missed a good car show and a chance to speak with one of the legends of the sport, Darrell Gwynn. George Richardson and Wes Johnson with Craig Hospital do a great job putting the show together along with the rest of the hospital staff.
working on figuring out posting pics on here. have never done it. I have a few to post so maybe this morning my brain will figure it out
Robbie, they have to be hosted. Do you have an internet hosting service? I'd be more than happy to host them for you if you don't!
Let's try this.....OK, so you can attach pics, but if you want them to 'show' they have to be hosted.
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