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Attended Saturday's event. 21 cars present. Last qualifying was long due to oil-downs.Favored cars did not win. Alky cars held their own against the nitro cars. Very good car and spectator count. Track food is good also. Parking adequate and plenty. Restrooms were adequate.Over all event a little slow but went smoothly. All of the people I polled were happy with event and would gladly attend another. I hope they made money and will put on another event like this. IHRA officials should pay attention to this race and consider a "Good Show" instead of a "Big Show" mentality. There are plenty of cars out there with "no place to go". Give them a place to go and they will come. More on this later. JR


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Unfortunately, the Invader NFC did not have a very good outing at Denton. I was supposed to go as part of the team. But, my wife and I just moved into our new home in north-central Arkansas and I could not get back to help.
The crew chief kept me updated. From what he told me, the pinion pushed out of the third member.
On the first run Friday, the car had a .980 60 foot time and was out on his opponent, when the rearend let go. Thankfully, our driver, Rick Krafft, kept the car under control and was able to stop safely.
That ended the team's weekend.
I guess it would have been a good race to invest in oil dry. There were four oildowns before the Invader ran.


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It was a great race sans oil downs . I cant tell you how nostalgia it was to see the new Texas gassers club with Henrys Anglia's Tri Fives they really added to the show . John Hale's Texan slick with fabulous BBQ sauce and Nancy Matters Kris Kyle Foundation F/C I hoped to see run . Maybe next time .
This was the first F/C Chaos Meet and it almost outgrew the venue out of the box .
And Lord the PoPo's showed up in force they had a F/C and some interesting Pro Mod cars .
There were a lot of Popo cars but I noticed some of the popular ones from South Texas were missing no doubt the flood keeping them at home .
God Bless all our first responders they earned that title once again .
The teams were sharp the meet was run very well and Oh God Hale's smoker was going strong driving everybody wild and slobbering all over themselves .
Val Harrell and Dale Pulde had a relative there with a beautiful JR Dragster I forget his/ her's name but I hope the Driver is a chip off the old Dickie Harrell I grew up knowing in Carlsbad NM in the early sixties .

Oh and Nov 11 in Carlsbad NM Dick will be inducted into the cities first round of famous or important citizens hall of fame .

Dale and Val will be there as will Don Hardy Chassis builder and Dicks 68 Camaro F/C will be there and I believe the Dirtdobber's auto clubs 55 Gasser Dick drove on occasion .
Hope old Grady Bryant Dicks Buddy and fellow racer and Tate Branch and maybe Johnny Gray and some of the Chandlers will be there .
Not Terry she's gone on to Heaven bless her heart .
Little High Desert Town has had its share of Drag Racers and one will be honored with his 427 Rat Cackling on a downtown street .
These things I do attest to .
Maybe next year Virgil Hartman will show up if he still has his nostalgia car . He had two . what you say Virgil ?


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When I was in the Air Force, was stationed at Walker AFB in Roswell, NM. Had a chance to go to the old Carlsbad Dragway in Carlsbad NM, around 1965 I think. They had a big AHRA race & it was exciting for me to watch. I grew up in Los Angeles, so this was the first race I ever saw outside of LA. We also had a drag strip at Walker AFB for about a year, in 1966. Ran it on an unused runway. had to have permission from the base commander, but we got it. Dr Dean Hill from Las Cruces came & ran his injected nitro dragster once. We also had a funny car match race, The Orange Blossem Spl (from Las Cruces?) injected Mopar aganist Eddie Marcheck (spelling?) in a blown Mustang out of Phoenix. The Mustang couldn't get hooked up so the Mopar got him all 3 runs. Fun time...
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