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Id like to know with almost 1,000,000 in a salary how much of a hit they took on his pay? My guess is none. If they are truly concerned for the well being of nhra they all would take a cut
I don't know anything about NHRA's business. I know as a very small business owner (4 employees including myself) we had a meeting and agreed we would each personally do what we could to stay alive in order to cut business expenses to a minimum to hopefully keep the company intact so we would have jobs to come back to post COVID. I laid everyone off (including myself) and we went on unemployment. I don't see the logic of why a business owner or manager would lay off people and slash expenses while leaving their salaries uncut. It makes no sense to bleed out the cash cow that is supporting you rather than to try everything possible to preserve it's life. Why are people accusing NHRA management of being so short sighted and self serving? Why do you not assume they are taking hits like everyone else? As I said, I know nothing about NHRA's business, but I do find the anger and ill will expressed confusing. Stay well.


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NHRA is a non-profit organization, not a business. Non-profit organizations have limits on how much money they can keep in reserve.
To be clear, the NHRA is a Not-for-Profit organization and not an Non-Profit. There is a difference.



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Boy, wouldn't you think Coca Cola would step up and help out until Covid goes away and people return to the track. NHRA sold a ton of MY and Poweraide for them. I would be inclined to purchase more of their product in return for corporate altruism. For lessss than the price of sponsoring a PGA tournament
NHRA could be back on its feet. But after the U. S. Nationals and all of the displays by the faux patriots, doubtful if a moderm responsible corporation wants to be associated with that.
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Boy, wouldn't you think Coca Cola would step up and help out until Covid goes away and people return to the track.
Why should it? Remember, Coca-Cola has lost a good part of its restaurant business. With all the problems facing this country that Coca-Cola could help with, helping NHRA is far down on the priority list.


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And it was mentioned back in 2015 when Compton "retired" that there would be a payout as part of his compensation package. Given that we do not have a tax return more recent than 2018, my guess is that Compton's payout has now been exhausted and no longer shows up in executive compensation.
Pretty surer Compton would get a cut as long as Coca Cola money is there.
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