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That seems to be a interesting question which remains to be scene. We are not going to be there as family duties call; the oldest nephew is getting married.

Mike English should be there working the mike though.
I went the last two years and had a fantastic time and had intentions of going again this year. Instead, I'm heading to Vegas next weekend and then staying there through the following weekend. Have a great time at The Patch, Martin!


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Prayers and positive vibes needed.

They say the engine reignited after throwing a rod out and oiled him down. These AA/FA are exhibition cars and don't have all the latest safety gizmos required on the other types of cars.


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Brett Henry passed away last night.

Had the privilege to have meet him and his team a couple of years ago and couldn't be more impressed with their kindness and excitement about drag racing. Praying now for his family and crew. It going to be a tough tow home.


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I never got to meet Brett but only heard good things about him. To read on FB this morning that he passed was a shock. I knew he got injured badly but when the news said he was conscious and talking you just assume he's going to make it.

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