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Bruce Crower passes (1 Viewer)


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Read on Drag racing Online that Bruce Crower passed. We all knew Crower Cams and all the great equipment he produced. He started his first shop In Phoenix. Served in the Korean War and moved to San Diego when he got out of the military. He is a member of 2019 SEMA Hall of Fame. Rest in peace Brother. You made your mark in motor racing.


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Sorry to hear this. I run their cranks and clutches. I have an old cassette titled "Cam Talk with Bruce and David Crower". They talk about the science of cams. Was done in the mid '70's. RIP.


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Really hate to hear this. Bruce helped a couple of us low bucks fuel racers with some parts and advice way back in the day. Always treated us with the utmost respect and courtesy. Really helped us get lined out with slipping the clutch long before others caught on. He was always a gentleman and a really good guy. He will be missed by the people and the industry. Rest in peace my friend.

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