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Allen Johnson


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My apologies if this has already been posted, but I for one am sad to see Allen Johnson go and will always remember him as a classy, passionate racer who did it his way and was always a great interview. I just wish my wife would've quite slicing the onions when I was trying to watch his interview.


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The entire Johnson family will be missed. A class act all the way. They showed hard work and determination will produce results.
As a died-in-the-wool GM guy, I can say that the Johnson family is near the very top of my list of folks I truly admire in drag racing. Those guys stuck with the brand through the lean years when everybody would've (and did) abandon ship, and not only did they bring Mopar a Pro Stock championship, they did so without a cloud of controversy over them.

Much respect to what has to be one of the very best teams to ever compete in NHRA's Pro Stock Eliminator. Best wishes in all of your future endeavors.

Sean D


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Sad to see them go. Good competitors and very brand loyal. And pushed out by the brand that they were so loyal to.


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Yeah, I had some dust in my eyes a couple of times there.

I hope he and his family find peace and contentment in their post-drag racing world.


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didn't he buy roy a drag pack car? or is that a different class?
Yes I think he did buy Roy a drag pak that they ran a couple of times in stock eliminator. A motor change and maybe different front grill and it could be a Factory Shoot out car. He's hoping that's what happens.

I remember when they were "the other Dodge" and a friend and I went ask Allen if he had tee shirts to sell. He said they could not sell shirts because of some NHRA rule. He then took us in their hauler, had us sit down gave us something to drink. He returned a couple of minutes later with a couple of shirts, autograph them and said "no charge, thanks for being a fan". Every year when I go to the Houston Nats. I bring it with me so I can get him to autograph it again but never wore it or had him re-sign. Thanks to the Johnson family for being a class act.


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I hated to see him retire...but understandable. He was always a class act and would always take time to talk to us at Gainesville.
I was upset that I couldn't take a final picture of Allen at Maple Grove but when I saw his last interview, My eyes were Sweating and no, There weren't any onions involved.


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As one retires a new face arrives. The future of Pro Stock will be great with Tanner Gray, however, I will always miss AJ. A class act all the way.


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With AJ retiring and Deric Kramer switching to a Camaro (spit), will Alan Prusiensky be the only non GM racer in that class?
I was born and lived for 40 years in Rockaway, NJ ....Prusiensky's town. I love how they mention it every time he runs.
Being a Mopar nut, I'm sorry I never heard of him in all that time, and I knew a lot of the car related businesses.