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2016 California Hot Rod Reunion - October 21-23


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From what I understand is some 80 cackle cars were signed up to be at the reunion. At some time before the event, a letter was sent out to those who NHRA uninvited to cut it down to just 25 cars. It was Steve Gibbs who went to who was in charge and lobbied them to get the car count up to 40. The growth of the reunion is causing pains.

There are some who feel that the cackle cars and the racing should be separated into different events. I disagree. The purpose of the reunion is a get together with old friends (perhaps for the last time). The racing is just part of the event. However, I think there can be something done. With each cackle car was a trailer and a motor-home in front and that took up a lot of pit space. The cars should have their own space; say in the grove (another sore subject) or even in the front of the pits, but the motor-homes and trailers should be moved to another part of the grounds.

Something needs to happen if the reunion is going to continue.


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Here is a letter written by Steve Gibbs and posted on daughter Cindi Gibbs' Facebook Page. It is well worth reading.

Attention friends of the CHRR:
So. It's been a few weeks since the CHRR and for those who were there, you know that things were a bit off this year...to say the least. The rumor mill does what it does and many things have been said. This is what I know. My father is the heart and soul of that event and I've been praying that wasn't going to change.
I just received this message from him...I was tipped off to this earlier, but here it is, in his words. Please feel free to share

'I have kept a pretty low profile following the CHRR, and its manifestations, as I wanted to weigh things
out as best I could. It's no secret that I backed off from my usual role at the event, as a personal option.

I don’t pretend to know exactly where this is all headed, but I remain somewhat optimistic that some
reasonable solutions are possible regarding Cacklefest activity.

To make it clear…I have not resigned from any of my past responsibilities. I have not been “thrown under the bus.” I am still on the NHRA Museum Board of Directors. I am doing what I can to see that this matter is addressed properly, that the negative aspects of 2016 CHRR are acknowledged, and that we can regain lost ground. There is substantial support among some "key players” within the Museum/CHRR/NHRA hierarchy.

My loyalty still lies with Wally, the museum, and the reunions…and I will not abandon that commitment as long as I can sense a willingness to face the truth of what transpired, and to make serious efforts to correct them. I have put in too much of my life and career to let this go. Hang with me for a while longer.'

Thanks Steve for all that you have done, CHRR is the greatest event that I have attended a few years ago, hope to make it back again next time, it's like walking into a time machine and going back to days that I really miss, Thanks Again, now if I can only find a way to get my race car there too