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However, as we embark on the journey that lies ahead, it is imperative that we work together. NHRA, for its part, will continue to work with teams to provide support and do what we can to try and enhance value to their sponsors. In addition, we will:

* Continue to enforce testing restrictions during the 2009 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series season.
* Remain at 1,000 feet in the Top Fuel and Funny Car categories for the entire 2009 season. Although not implemented as a cost-saving measure, a by-product of the change was cost savings for both nitromethane categories.
* Keep rule changes with an economic impact to a minimum in 2009.
* Continue to work with the teams to control costs through 2009 and beyond.
* Implement the new purse increase of more than $1.3 million.

NHRA News: Open letter to the NHRA community from NHRA President Tom Compton (1/15/2009)

Does this mean no Monday testing during the season? Obviously preseason testing is still a go, but I always look forward to Monday testing after the Phoenix race.
It says restriction....

I think they will set aside a few Mondays at certain tracks only, and limit the teams to how many times they test.

But, you can still go to say, Rockingham all you want like a couple teams did last year.
1000' for the rest of year! I knew it..... I guess they want the economy to improve before they make the track owners fork out the dollars to improve the sand trap restraint system.
RE: Tom Compton's statement, "Continue to enforce testing restrictions during the 2009 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series season."

Can somebody who follows this stuff closely tell me just what the reason is for this, and exactly who it's supposed to benefit?

I am at a loss to understand how this could be helpful to anyone.

What gives?

Thanks for any information.

Bill I've got to assume this is the same logic employed in other professional sports leagues . . . protect the owners from themselves and within that group try to keep the performance separation between the rich guys and the not as rich guys somewhat narrow. Salary cap, talent draft, NASCAR testing ban, etc.

Doesn't work well, but its one of the better possible solutions.

Aside from the lack of nitro once summer hit, I was not aware of a testing ban that could be continued in 2009.
Thanks, Jeff. That makes sense to me, now that I have some understanding of the rationale behind it.

I appreciate the explanation!

The testing ban was limited to nhra tracks. Teams headed to other tracks throughout the year in order to get some test time in.

Like it was said above it helps keep cost down for everyone and keeps everyone from trying to kep up with the Jone's. Ideally they still give them a few races this year to get some in season sanctioned testing done. Otherwise its a good idea
Testing bans do save big money for teams. However, banning testing at certain tracks only does not accomplish the goal because the teams simply spend the same (or more) money testing at other tracks.

There needs to be some set testing days so folks can try new things and do licensing.

It would seem to make more sense to have the allowed testing done on the Monday following a National once the season is underway since the teams are already there (saves huge travel money) and the track is in good shape.
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