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Tim Wilkerson marched through the field beating Alexander, Laughlin, Force and Capps for his first win since Charlotte 2021 and his 23rd career win. First win Chicago 1999.

Clay Millican who had not made it out of the 1st round this year got his 4th career win beating Langdon, Kalitta, Force and Hart by a m.o.v. of 0.0106 or 5 ft. Last win 5 years ago at Route 66. 20 years after his first NHRA race. In Chicago!
Always been a Millican fan as I used to see him dominate the ‘other series’ at a track near me. I was too miffed to celebrate because I went to watch the race Sunday night on NHRA tv about 7ET and the race wasn’t there On the tv app..Clowns to left of me …..
stayed away from internet on sunday (which sometimes i don't). watched the finals on fs1 broadcast just before midnite sunday.
best set of finals maybe ever........ there's a reason wilk and clay are fan favorites. you could even hear it in brian lohnes voice as they crossed the finish line.
pretty sure the only folks on the planet that weren't happy about the wilk and clay wins were the josh hart and ron capps teams.
IMO it's disheartening when a crew chief can't get a handle on a car; moves around from team to team; maybe even quits.
the starting line celebration by jim O and the parts plus crew was great. they really needed some success.
I'm a huge Clay fan. Have been forever. He treated my Son and his buddy like royalty when they were kids at the races. Just an all around nice guy. I'm also a huge Jim O fan. He was always super nice to me when I was at the Kalitta race shop.

How could anyone not like Wilk? Or his Son? I don't know either personally, but they sure seem like cool dudes.
I stayed away from even here until I could watch the whole show…. An hour ago😸

Do you know why Ron Capps’ parachute popped out? Because the prayers in the crowd and tv audience were so loud that wanted hometown Tim to win, they couldn’t be ignored👍
Millican’s win was back up proof of that😇
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Both gentlemen epitomize what drag racing should be. Clay is a fantastic ambassador for the sport. Humble, talented and positive. And that whole team is a real family. Rick Ware seems like a real top-shelf owner and a good person. A real racer. As for Wilkerson, very similar in a lot of ways. Focused, super humble and just a great guy with a family team. What a great day for drag racing.
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