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And after you pay $75-100K for the truck, how can anyone treat it like a truck? ( YOU ARE NOT PUTTING THAT SHIT IN MY TRUCK ) LOL

dr flames

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Who can afford it? Not as many people as you see driving them that is for sure, but many Americans only see the monthly payment. Crazy long car loans have allowed the overall sticker price to creep up.
I’m sure they continue to stretch as prices go up


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I had my Caddy serviced recently and walked around the dealers showroom while I was waiting. There were 6 Escalades on the floor, everyone over $100,000.00. And heaven only knows how many more were on the back lot for that price. I asked the salesman what was the lowest price for an Escalade and he replied they start at $85,000.
I'm no trying to compare Cadillacs to trucks, but my goodness you could buy a decent collectible car for that price and the value stands a better chance to go up instead depreciating as soon as you drive off the lot. And yes, I have seen ads for 10 year financing on new cars 😲.


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You guys must not get out much, every other vehicle on the road is a 80K truck or SUV, someone is buying them. Oh and its not me. Then add in the travel trailers, motor homes, dirt bikes, quads, ATV's, and side by sides people are in hock up to their eyeballs.
It is all coming to an end very soon with the govt. mandated shut down coming.
I should be able to snatch up some good housing deals this next year.


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Who can afford it? Not as many people as you see driving them that is for sure, but many Americans only see the monthly payment. Crazy long car loans have allowed the overall sticker price to creep up.
Luke, Your comment about sticker prices creeping up.

I said to a friend of mine who is in sales at a large dealership here in Florida that I was in shock looking at car and truck prices and he looked at me and said I wish they were higher! He then explained that the car companies do not want to sell you a car or truck they want you to lease your next car or truck instead.

The thinking is if they sell you the car or truck they might never see you again but if they lease you the car or truck you will be back in about three years to lease another one.

Sounds crazy but that is their goal. Jim Hill
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Because of the price alot of trucks/ cars on the road today are leased not bought.
And even the ones that are "bought," I'm guessing a majority of those buyers never pay them off- they will trade in on another one long before they pay off their 7 year loan. Basically, they will have a car payment in perpetuity, always rolling what's left on one into the next one. For practical purposes it may as well be a lease.


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I also find 20 and 30 year car notes hard to believe, there is no profitability in them. There is no car company (or bank for that matter) willing to carry a note for something that in 10 years will be worth 10% of the remaining note AT BEST. The consumer has no incentive to pay off the note, so the banks will be left holding a lot of bad paper/dead money. Why would a car company (or bank) that is used to fully realizing the value of the note in 4-5-6 years suddenly be willing to wait 4 or 5 times as long to realize their money? That is just dumb. It is so dumb, point me to a dealership that is doing and I will go buy a car tomorrow LOL. Lastly, no one keeps cars for 20 or 30 years.

Hell, my sister just bought a $80K fifth wheel camper, it is a 12 year note.


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Hard to believe but it is what it is. Same with a guy spending 160k on a ski boat. pretty deep roots in the auto and marine world.
Can you show me? I Googled a bit and found nothing that was even 10 years. I'm with Chris, in 10 years you would owe WAY more than the car was worth. + Can you imagine needing full coverage on a 25 year old car just to cover the bank note? If you still owed 10K and the car was worth 3K that wouldn't work either.



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When I was shopping for a used truck three years ago I was set on basically finding something strictly within my monthly budget that was over the course of 48-54 months. The first dealership I went to was insisting that I should look at options over 8-10 years instead to increase my purchase power. It was the first time I had ever heard of car notes of that length, now I understand it is fairly common which blows my mind.
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