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The report I saw was from Beverley Hills police chief. I would say he's credible.
Oh, I I saw those reports as well. I'll repeat....

"The only real journalists I've seen have said only that he and the car are gone. Not who said what, or who did what. Most of it is all repeated from what "guy with a cell phone" shows on phone camera, and later adds verbally."

My comment was to the original "freelance video Journalist" video, and the comments ensuing about that whole thing, and the flicking of the cigarette and saying "f*** America" and having his life threatened was what the cell phone guy said is what happened, not what he showed us, not what the news cycle regurgitated for over 24hrs, and and not the drivers themselves, and that the video I saw never showed who exactly was driving the cars (though I never doubted that no one other than the owner would be driving his/her Million+ dollar Ferrari). That's all.

If you rewatch the original clip everyone was commenting on, it only shows cell phone guy being forced off of their property, and only later while being interviewed by a real journalist, he makes statements about all the inflammatory stuff (them saying they could have him killed, and f*** America etc)

The news cycle ran a bit more than 24 hrs with the only information being what was gleaned from cell phone guy. That's really all my comment was about. How I think he has zero credibility, and that the things he says happened off camera are suspect as all he said was "I have it on tape".

Then real journalists began reporting on official LAPD report of a collision, then them questioning him to which he stated "I have diplomatic immunity". But that information came later....

Guess it matters to me where I get my news. He was labeled "ANG News Photographer"...I looked...can anyone find a news organization called "ANG News"? I'm pretty sure he isn't affiliated with Air National Guard or they would have said that.

The closest I have come is an ANG News in Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India.... http://www.angnews.in/
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He's fled the country, the cars are gone and the house is cleaned out. I bet he won't be seen in the U.S. for a while.


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He's fled the country, the cars are gone and the house is cleaned out. I bet he won't be seen in the U.S. for a while.
Assuming there is a customs process at private airports for private planes, he will be at least be temporarily detained to answer for the warrant in Beverly Hills, maybe even denied entry altogether, but who are we kidding ... He's lawyered up to the eyeballs and it will be settled sooner rather than later with minimal inconvinience. The Sheikh is right about one thing, normal rules do not apply to him. Hell, he may not even have to lawyer up, just call his friends in the government and have them make it go away for ambiguous reasons like "national security" or "foreign relations". And as long as they are sitting on all of that oil/gas and pretend to be our friends in that volatile region, we will bend over backwards for them.

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Beverly Hills police have issued a warrant for Sheik's arrest so next time he comes to US through customs he will be arrested, diplomatic immunity doesn't apply in this situation. Let's face it the guys an idiot, his fathers an idiot, $45,000 rent a month for home pretty much explains mentality of this group.
Khalid's father is no longer Emir of Qatar, abdicated on June 25th, 2013. His brother is now Emir and is the current idiot paying the bills. A friend who had experience with middle eastern royalty being involved in Formula 1 predicted exactly what happened with AJPE the day the deal was announced 5+ year ago. These people have absolutely no respect for our country and believe their natural gas reserves will buy them whatever they want . . . unfortunately, they are correct.


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Let's face it..... that's why I would personally never do business with any middle-easterners except Israel. They'll pretend to have your back then stab you in it. That's what AJ found out the hard way, and to an extent that is why I was against the war in Iraq from the get-go: They're regard us as liberators..... for the first month. Then they'll turn on us. And from the looks of it, I was correct.


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So Sheikh Khalid has surfaced now in our country. He couldn't keep a low profile in Vancouver BC. Seems he was driving like a maniac and brought attention to himself. Same stuff.....driving fast and blowing stops signs. Same deal different country. He flew in on his 737 Thursday night and is staying at the Fairmont...fit for a prince.

A Vancouver reporter actually called his room and he answered...then he stopped talking and gave the line to one of the staff who confirmed it was the Sheikh's room. I am told he better not try his diplomatic immunity in our country either as it is a crime here too.

He needs to leave before he kills someone here with his driving. There was an in depth report on what happened in CA and showing the video and him in his Alanabi driving suit. Not good even if he isn't a sponsor anymore.

No respect for anyone including himself apparently.

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Albalooshi lived at the same house they stopped at, as he and the Sheik are good friends remember

Consider the unknown driver of the Porsche he was racing with has a high % chance of being him

If confirmed he should get a lifetime ban from NHRA


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Wow this just gets more interesting as it goes....

In all honesty, with previous happenings with this group, this really doesn't come as a surprise.

You know what they say about that little white speck on a pile chicken shyt right?

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