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Tech talk Tuesday with Bruno Massel (1 Viewer)


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Steve made a comment on getting the oil in the rear end heated up. The rear ends today are so strong that you seldom see a failure with them. I remember well that back in the day, you'd see a (front engined) T/F car make a pass, and the rear end would break a couple of hundred feet off the line. A good driver could catch it & get off the throttle before the engine zinged to the moon. The rear ends were out of a passenger car; nothing like today.


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Gives you an indication of why teams rarely do throttle whacks anymore - lots going on and I imagine throttle whacks just make the warm up procedure not conducive to good performance. Now, there are teams that give demos - Kalitta (for sponsors) and Tasca (annual car show in Cranston, RI) come to mind - and whack the throttle. But there is no racing on the line when they do that, it's for pure entertainment.


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He mentioned stepping on the throttle to activate the timers, etc. does this mean the linkage is not connected during warmups?
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