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I'm a little fuzzy on the traditional procedures for SS and Stock qualifying at Indy. Is the following correct for how NHRA has done both Stock and SS qualifying @ Indy for the 128 car field, at least in prior years?

* Stock/SS got 3 sessions, and then Round 1 of Class Eliminations also counts as the 4th and final Indy qualifying session?
( In the past, hasn't Stock and SS gotten 2 hits Wednesday, Stock and SS get a 3rd run Thursday morning, then Stock went into class which was also Q4; while SS class on Friday morning was also their Q4? (then Stock R1 Saturday morning and SS Round 1 Sunday morning.....). Is this how it's been done @ Indy?

Is it correct that Class winners make the 128 car field regardless of where they qualified (aka if 150 cars showed up and a guy qualified 145th, but wins his class, he's then part of the 128 car field?)

I've got other questions, but they may be moot if this is not accurate.
Thanks for anyone who has the answers (Note= I'm not asking about this year at the moment, just how it's been done in the past)!
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