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Raymond Godman


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Saw on Bang Shift that Raymond Godman has passed. Famous as the owner of the Tennessee Bo Weevil series of Modified Roadsters, Dragsters & Funny Cars. He was a Korean War Vet. RIP Raymond.


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The very first drag race that I ever went to was in1969, Southland Dragways a brand new raceway in Houma, La. The Tennessee BoWeevil won the race, I was hooked on drag racing since that day, and Godman and his team were one of my all time favorites with the rebel flag flying off the rollbar. He always had first class equipment, RIP Mr. Godman.



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Hot & humid Louisiana. My mom was a Cajun from Kaplan, so I know a little about that state. You could call me a California Half Cajun. I do know how to say "no" in French. :p
Raymond Godman's '63 AA/C roadster was one of the first drag racing cars names I ever heard: the Tennessee Bo-Weevil!
I was a wee lad of 8 years old when Raymond's AA/C was featured on ABC's Wide World of Sports during their telecast of the Nationals,
the very first time drag racing was shown to a national audience. The TV host asks Godman to explain the details of his car as driver
Harrison Jacobs looks on. Of course, Raymond did an excellent job talking about the blown and injected 1958 Chrysler Hemi!
The ABC crew probably focused on the Bo-Weevil cause the team had won Middle Eliminator at the previous Indy.

In recent years I got the opportunity to see a tape of the '63 Nationals once again and it was quite something to have a second chance
so many decades later. Even though Raymond had many excellent top fuel dragsters and funny cars it will always be the red AA/C whenever
I hear the "Tennessee Bo-Weevil!" May Raymond rest in peace.
I have a love affair with the Dragmaster dragsters, which were built in the late 1950's to the mid 1960's. The said 1963 AA/C was such a creature. God Speed Mr. Godman, may you Race In Peace.