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How much carnage, how many bodies, have the teams had to endure since nhra made this change? Nhra , you wanna slow them down? Then find yourself a pair and regulate percentage, blower size and amount, magnetos, or whatever you want that has to do with the physical aspects of the car, NOT the track. Make the track surface as good as you can and have. The crew chiefs will figure out their equipment. They already have data on all the track conditions. The thing that has always differentiated drag racing from the rest of motorsports is the never ending search for excellence. Take that away and welcome to your own mediocrity.


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THANK YOU!!! The prospect of smoke or blazing 4.3 funny car races EVEN if they’re close doesn’t interest me especially when everyone knows they can go 3.8’s. If it did I would be watching Nascrap with 25 cars in tow at the finish.
Everyone knows they can run 3.50 without any restrictions so what is your point? There was more carnage before less track prep because crew chiefs were pushing limits.


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Why would it affect attendance? The racing is closer and it not determined by the car with the most power/money being thrown at perfectly manicured track. I had not planned on going to the Mile Highs this year but think i will now.
Good for you please enjoy what you see