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That's HILARIOUS but so very true in all motorsports. The driver talent and ability has been removed.

Sean D, shondoo

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Tim's videos are entertaining, for sure! Lol! And I completely concur with the driver being taken out of too many aspects necessary to get the car down the track. But on the other side of that, I will also point out that many of the things Tim points out, especially the action of shifting the car would be vastly different today. Bottom line, the cars weren't running 5.70's when he was racing. Even with all the stuff being automated, these guys still manage to routinely stack these cars up.

I've said for quite a while now that I'm not ready to classify these guys when it comes to pure driving ability. These machines are nasty and I swear these guys are just along for the ride more often than not, and may not even know it. Lol!

Sean D


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I'm kinda in favor of the driver just steering. Have seen many times the car going into a big wheelie at the 1 - 2 shift & driver has to shut off. These cars can run 3.50's with radial tires, 210 MPH and I would think that is a handful with short wheelbase & suspension.


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Pretty funny and true too.

It is my also humble opinion that too many drivers rely on these gizmos rather than they're God given talents and instincts and drive the car too far beyond recovery and that's why you see these horrific accidents.
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