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Pomona - Rain! (1 Viewer)

J. S.

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It's not looking good for more racing today at Pomona. We keep having breaks in the rain, then a half hour or so later it starts drizzling again. I think they will probably have to announce an official postponement before too long. Probably to tomorrow, I would imagine.


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Doesn't rain in CA for months, the one weekend where we need it to be dry the most and BAM!

NHRA = Next Heavy Rain Area.
Tell the home owners in Malibu that it doesn't rain in southern Ca. We have had more rain and floods this year then any I can remember.


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Watching the TV coverage it reminded me a lot of those El Merendero days back in the early 80's when we could go out the back way and walk over for a burrito waiting out the weather :)

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