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After my luck last week I was ready for this week until it rained Friday. So with some wild ax guesses I did my pics. That didn't work too well and I will probably go from the top to the bottom all in one race. Wish I had known about this site before this year, I would have been playing a long time ago, It's a lot of fun.
What's happening to Greg Anderson in P/S.


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If anyone scored a 20 or more at this race my jaw will hit the floor. I think I may have had half that.
I had to spoil my P/S race and find out the results.... 15pts

My main problem was that Steve Torrence and Billy Torrence accidentally switched cars after what I can guess was a "stressful" quailfying ;)


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This game sucked the soul out of me for years. It's a thinkers game mixed with luck, however, I enjoy my Sunday's and not beating myself in the head with a ball-peen for a week or 2 so much more. I know everyone and everything around me feels the same.

Goodluck players - ralph👍
Been a while Ray! Nice to hear from you and hope you’re well.

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