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Only 8 TF’ers for Pomona??

Nine now, but Richie Crampton, Steve Torrence, Scott Palmer (who announced he is doing the full season), Mike Salinas and no doubt a few others will be on there shortly.
and McMillen for sure. I saw the BVR trailer heading west Monday morning on 70W right behind the DSR trucks, so I imagine Bob will be at Pomona as well. That would make 14. There may be a few more stragglers...
on different note, I noticed Troy Buff is entered at Wild Horse Pass in the BME ride. I thought that Bill Miller said he was retiring from racing?


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Well, Richie, Steve, Scott, and Mike are now entered, but still no Blake Alexander nor anyone in a BVR entry. Monday evening is the deadline for entry, so hopefully we see a few more entries. Top Fuel stands at 14 entries as of today.


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eleven touring cars this year? (including salinas, who BTW i want in a final round with scott palmer, at brainerd. is that asking too much?)


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Hey, these are Texas boys. Gotta root for 'em or my Texas fambly will kill me daid. Oh, couple of things. I noticed a lot of the Pro teams have a crew member assigned to filming the run. Saw it in this video as well. And the checkerboard paint on the track is new for this year. Now they just have to fix the restrooms. Loooong line for mens room as one john was broke. arghhhh