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New Camaro Coming Along, Anderson Starting Fifth in Gainesville (1 Viewer)

Event: 44th annual Amalie Oil NHRA Gatornationals
Location: Auto-Plus Raceway, Gainesville, Fla.
Day/Date: Saturday,March 16, 2013

The brand new silver Summit Racing Chevy Camaro is gathering spirit as Greg Anderson wheels it down the racetrack at Auto-Plus Raceway at Gainesville in its debut at the 44th annual Amalie Oil NHRA Gatornationals, and the Mooresville, N.C., resident produced respectable passes in three of the four qualifying sessions to earn a start from the No. 5 position.

Anderson and his supporting Team Summit crew were immediately rewarded with an inspiring and quick 6.493 at 212.03 mph in the opening session, and although the weather conditions were never quite as favorable as they were in the first round, the team continued to show determination and progress with a 6.513 at 213 mph in the second session and a 6.532, 212.43 in the closing act.

The third round of qualifying was the only true trouble spot for Anderson, whose Summit Racing Camaro was unable to make the run after the burnout due to a minor part breakage within the engine.

"Thankfully, it wasn't a big deal – just a $20 part – and we didn't have to change the engine," said Anderson, who will face Kurt Johnson in the first round. "But it is always unfortunate when you lose a run. That's the part that hurts, because we'd sure like the data, especially with a new car. But that's the way it goes, and there is no use crying over spilled milk. We ended up getting three runs, and this Summit Racing team learned something every time.

"Right now, we have decent cars. We don't have great cars yet, but we will. I can tell you that the KB Racing team won't quit until we get there. We haven't been able to match the power curve to this racetrack yet. We can run better, and it's up to us to make the right changes to do that tomorrow so that we can go rounds and continue to learn with this new racecar."

From: Joanne Knapp

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