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Kalitta's Boomer


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I was checking out Mark's photos he posted to Twitter and surprised no mention of this one (unless I'm the only one in the dark).

What's the pink "vapor" in this boomer? Does not appear to be pink due to picking up color from the fire.

Random side note...Mark has some unnatural power to always be in the right place at the right time!


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Learn something new every day! I was even googling the color of Nitro to see if Homeland Security required some pink dye!


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The blower rotors are gear driven in the front and rear and there is bearing plates front and rear need an oil to keep lubricated


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Learn something new every day! I was even googling the color of Nitro to see if Homeland Security required some pink dye!
It is a yellowish color when stable...but if it turns blue then it is unstable. Two guys from Homeland Security was at the annual nitro meeting last Thursday at Pomona.


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Caught the first part of the FS1 broadcast this morning (i do AllAccess day of race) and after his Rd1 win Robert Height was talking about how fast water grains were dropping throughout first Rd. At a rate they'd never before seen. I was worried that the new track prep was to blame for the carnage, but while it still may play a part, it sounds like chasing the tune-up to match the quickly improving air was the main culprit.
these boomers are getting way to often and much bigger lately. They need to figure something out to lessen them.
Jack Beckman said last year it is the quality of the parts they are using (titanium, billet aluminum, etc). The parts are harder to break, so when they do break, it takes so much more energy to break them that the results are catastrophic. They are making so much more power and going so much faster that the byproduct is they are building bigger bombs when things do go wrong. I don't think that had much to do with Brittney's wreck, but it was certainly a factor in John's boomer on Friday and Kalitta and Capps' boomers on Sunday.


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How closely does Homeland Security monitor nitro? Thought it was interesting that 2 agents were at that meeting. I've always been a little amazed that nitro wasn't outlawed because of Timothy McVey blowing up the building in Oklahoma City. I remember a lot of talk about that.
They do, that's why the teams have to re-certify. Ask Eugene he's been tru it. With Nitro engines, They are at the point of Hydro-lock so that is one variable and the next one is the valve keepers failing on the intake side dropping the valve causing the big boomer.


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the guy on the all access said it blew the injector off like a mailbox full of M-80s lol
still sucks when that happens no matter how much $$ u got.