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Sorry you guys lost rd 1. ARGHH Hang in there & remember that old proverb, It's better to lose round one than to go to work in the rain.


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Yeah we had a tough weekend. The repave moved the bumps around quite a bit. I think they tried hard to get to 1000ft smooth, but we couldn't keep the nitrous on past 1000 ft and keep the car straight. HRP is rough in the first 660 ft .... tough as any track we run, but then the transition and the asphalt supercross track after that is very tough on a slip joint chassis (and even a suspended chassis for folks who don't make compression/rebound changes for this track). We literally have to run 12 degrees of wing (compared to 3 1/2 on Ennis). Oh well, Jen was -.002 and .003 in r/t on Q1 & 2, and then .055 in Rd 1. Up against a .000 ... ugh. Then to top it off, the car was .01 slow in the 60ft, .02 at 660 and I was guessing what it would do from 1000 ft on with just motor ... and I guessed .02 fast.

Depressing to be washing your rig at home while you friends are running rd 2 and 3 at the track ... but I'm really happy that the weather allowed for all of the Saturday runs!

We'll sort it out ... we're not far off, but we swim in a pond full of hungry sharks!


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Sorry for your loss but we will keep watching and cheering for you. See you at next race, keep your head up.

My other team had a good but long day. Megan and Julie won E1 with Meyer Power.

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