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Is anyone going to the IN N OUT Burger/Hot Rod Magazine...


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Yeah, I'd say it was a success. A huge success with over 1700 car entered in the car show. There are already calls for them to do it again next year.

Randy, sorry I missed you every time I went into the pit area I got stopped and turned around only to head somewhere else. Car looked good going down the track.

Here is a video of some of the on track action.



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We had some new car issues as we barely finished putting it together Saturday morning. The driver had a lot of bugs, too. My excuse was my last run at Pomona was at the Winternationals in the right lane against Jay Payne in 2001. I lost by .001 of a second against him. The results are still in the DRC archives. After that my car became a rent-a-ride.

I was trying to do super gas burnouts and not cross the starting line in the sportsman tree lanes, but the last run I said heck with it and did one to the 330' so they could back me up in my tracks. On that run I did the old guys proud by catching a .041 light my first time using a K&R box through the trans brake. I ran it down there and shut it off at about 800' and it still ran a 7.95 at only 136 miles per hour.

All in all we had a lot of fun. I hope you did, too.


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Wow I would have loved to been to that, sounds like a ton of fun. Randy, so happy for you that you got out on the track again. Maybe down the road I'll meet you at an AZ event if you end up hitting one there. Post pics from the weekend if you can.


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...70th birthday party at the Fairplex in Pomona? It's the Saturday after the NHRA Finals. They are looking for cars that were featured over the decades in Hot Rod Magazine to display along with a massive car show. The track will be open for those who entered to run and there is a 250 mph speed limit. Run positions are sold out. Should be a lot of fun. I would imagine NHRA had something to do with setting this up.

Here's the information.

I’m impressed the Nazi’s at the Fairplex allowed another Event besides the Natls??


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The Fairplex has always had extra dates for the track (I think 10 or 12 total) in case there was a rain delay for either national events. The track is available if you want to pay the price.

Up until a year or two ago the NMCA would have events there including using the strip. And even though I've never been, they have a huge car show and swap meet there once a month: