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Focus Switches to Fun for Kathy Fisher at the Amalie North American Nationals (1 Viewer)

Focus Switches to Fun for Kathy Fisher at the Amalie North American Nationals
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<br><font color="Navy">. “It’s time to have some fun,” Kathy explained. “I think with everything that has happened or not happened for us this year, we haven’t done enough of that. You know, have fun at the track.”</font>

<P>Lima, Ohio – As the end of the 2008 season fast approaches, Kathy Fisher and Performance by Fisher Racing are looking to put the rough parts of the year behind them. “It’s time to have some fun,” Kathy explained. “I think with everything that has happened or not happened for us this year, we haven’t done enough of that. You know, have fun at the track.”

The 2008 season has been plagued with many disappointing moments for the husband and wife sportsman team. Kevin Fisher, who has had to sit out this year while waiting on his new Top Dragster, feels it has been one of those seasons you just have to get through. “Every racer and team has one of these seasons. It is part of what we do. I think this one hit a little hard because we had just come off our best (season) ever only to have so many little things happen. We chased what ended up being a chassis ground problem in Kathy’s Quick Rod car for a couple of months. That whole scenario started at Budds Creek and it drove us crazy. We changed everything one could think of and the car just wouldn’t respond. We’ll know the signs if it ever happens to us again.”

There have been several bright spots for the team and Kathy will not soon forget one of those moments. “Making it to the final at Budds Creek was a feat in itself for me. We almost didn’t go, as I didn’t have the best record there,” she laughed. “I had never made it out of first round at that event during the previous four seasons and you just have to put that kind of stuff behind you. If I would have dwelled on my stats at that event, I feel I would have never made it out of first round let alone to the final. You can’t fill your head with those kinds of thoughts and that’s exactly how I’m looking at the remainder of the season.”

The trek to the IHRA Amalie North American Nationals this week will be the longest journey the team will make for an event. Even though Kathy is out of points claims, she explains there was no way she would miss it. “Yes, we race because we want to do well in the points at the end of the year, but that is not something we have to even think about now. We were going to go anyway. Last year was the first time we got to race the Epping event and the first at an Amalie race. It was a super event and this year will be even better.”

“Sometimes I feel that we as racers forget why we really do what we do and how privileged some of us are just to be racing on this level,” she added. “The media puts such a big spotlight on the points. I can safely say that, because I am one of those “media-types”. We can get so wrapped up in what we don’t really have control over. I did that to myself last season and it’s just not worth making yourself sick over it.”

There are four remaining events planned for Kathy and Performance by Fisher Racing yet this season. Following the IHRA Amalie North American Nationals the team will go into a test mode of sorts for the remainder. “We have had a new engine combo this year, thanks to some help from our friends at Ohio Crankshaft. With the ground problem we had and then my TV work schedule, it put us behind on making the change to the fuel system that we have wanted to try for months. There just aren’t enough days in a month.”

“It would have been nice to have made the switch from the Ron’s Toilet to the new Terminator before the Amalie race, but we haven’t had time to test it,” Kevin said. “We have had tremendous good fortune over the years with the Toilet and we are really excited to start using the Terminator. It’s what this bigger motor needs. I might be a little more excited about it than Kathy, as once my new Top Dragster is ready we’ll be running a twin set-up on it and this will give me a chance to play a little before I start on mine.”

For Performance by Fisher Racing, the Amalie event this week in Epping, NH is one of their most anticipated of the year. “The Amalie Oil family continues to do so much for the IHRA racer family. If our schedule would allow it, we would race the San Antonio event, too.” Kathy smiled. “You know, just to help show our support for a company that supports IHRA racers with a superb product line and their contingency program. As I mentioned in my blog on IHRA.com, Amalie has made it even easier for us to shop for the products we need and save money with their new AmalieStore.com. For example, racers participating at Epping this week can go to the site now make their purchase and the product will be delivered to them at the track. That service is available for many other IHRA events, too. Now that’s service and convenience.”

“Like I mentioned before, we’re just going to start having fun again. We found after looking back at the events where we were successful whether it was Kevin, me or both, that seemed to be the common denominator. Not one track, or event or whatever, we were just having fun. If you can’t have fun, one shouldn’t be doing this anyway. It also goes back to something that Frank Hawley teaches as part of his reaction time clinic, I’m going to get rid of all of those “arrows” that seemed to follow me around this season. They can all stay home in Ohio,” Kathy chuckles. “You might wonder what “arrows” have to do with anything, but just trust me they have no place at a drag race.”

The IHRA Amalie North American Nationals is slated to commence this Friday September 5th with sportsman qualifying at 9am. The event will take place at the historic New England Dragway just outside of Epping, NH throughout the weekend leading up to Championship Sunday on September 7th. For more info visit IHRA.com.

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