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The picture I posted below, is that Pat? (I don't think it is) This seller on eBay likes to rip people off
with his BS, lying and way over priced stuff. He wants $59.99 for the picture 8x10 is this off the
original picture negative or a photo copy, don't really care, I wouldn't buy it for $9.99 I been speaking
to some of my eBay sellers and buyers, this guy pisses us off. For example he listed a new tooling pin that
came out about 3 years ago ("Sneaky" Pete Robinson) that listed for $18.95, 3 years ago and you can buy
it for $15.00 now! This guy listed the pin for $79.99, so I messaged him and said BS and he said it was
rare, BS. He reduced it to $39.99 what a rip off! Below, I also posted a picture of Don and Pat from 1965
I took out from one of my 1965 issue of Drag Racing magazine.



Connie and Marianne (Scott's mom) and Don and Pat


Do not pay anymore then $18.00 for the pin!


Pat 1962
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