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Courtney Force racing Taylor Swift theme Funny Car

Swift has actually been on Juan Pablo Montoya's NASCAR Cup car in 2012 (Kansas) and Tony Kanaan's IndyCar in 2015 (Detroit); yet never put a foot on the ground at either track. She could've been touring at the time; I don't keep track. And while it's Undoubtedly cool; it's highly unlikely Taylor Swift shows at a NHRA race.


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The article clearly states that the record company purchased the space on the car. It is a marketing exercise by the record company, no different than Peak or Advanced Auto Parts. Hopefully, they will get a bump in record/ticket sales for Taylor so it leads to more non-traditional stuff in the future. But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for Taylor in the JFR pits LOL.


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Quick everyone run out and buy a Taylor Swift cd and email her label..................
show support for the NHRA sponsors
Rush ??? .... man, u must be a fossil. what they need is newer bands like Dire Straits, STXY, or REO speeedwagon :p
I'm 35 and people joke that I have the musical taste of a 50 or 60 something, haha. ;) I am going to see Sammy Hagar and the Circle next week (His band with Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson) FYI.

Give me Rush, SRV, Led Zep, Heart, Clapton, Joan Jett, the Eagles, etc over 95% of what is produced today. Taylor Swift is IMO not that great of singer, it's all image as that is what young people (The majority of music buyers these days) go for and since young people change their tastes all the time she has a good chance of being on "where are they now?" in a few years.

The most talented modern bands/artists are the ones that target music for a smaller but more discriminating crowd, for example: Halestorm, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Can he be called modern when his first record was released in 1995?), Samantha Fish just to name a few.

Since this is a racing board, I'll give a car analogy: Making music is like designing a car. You can design a car by focus group and wind up with something like an Accord or Camry. They're fine cars, but they are aimed at the masses who will trade them away when the lease is up rather than car enthusiasts. Or you can have actual engineers and car guys design a car and wind up with something like a Mustang, Challenger, Camaro, CTS-V, etc with the mindset of "who cares if 70 percent of people don't like it, we'll sell it to the 30 percent of people that do like it, they're more passionate about cars anyway!" You rarely see an owner of those cars giving them up unless there is an issue and if they do, it's to get the newest model. Music is the same way pretty much: Sell out to cater the masses and be forgotten about in a few years, or stick to your craft and while you may not play in arenas you'll have a good chance at a loyal fanbase that will stay with you forever.

PS: Besides becoming all about image and auto-tune, another thing that is killing modern music is "the loudness war." This explains it: http://dynamicrangeday.co.uk/about/ Even smaller-market artists like Joe Bonamassa are not immune to this and it's infuriating.


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Lessee, get a 1971 Pinto F/C, "modify it" to look like a 2018 something, call it Ramble On and get a led Zepplin sponsorship. :rolleyes:


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force's people know swift's people (big machine records), who's owner scott borchetta has a keen interest in motorsports.
IMO this is great he has decided to use courtney for a one race promotion for what is sure to be an ultra huge opening sales
day for taylor's new album on friday 11/10.....you wanna talk about a younger demographic?.....i'm pulling for courtney this
weekend. this is really a great one-race deal.......and sam, i'm no spring chicken, but taylor isn't where she's at because of promotion
and image.....read up on her. katy perry falls into same category. these are some extremely talented women.


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That is one of the worst FC wraps I've ever seen. Combined with all the decals I wouldn't even bother taking a photo of it. What a mess!

But that's just me.