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Congratulations Team Force!


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Alan Johnson and crew are the oracle for producing champions!
With that said tip of the hat to Brittney she really handled the pressure like a pro!
I’m sure DSR isn’t to happy with the outcome but that’s Racing!
I think the rivalry is gonna kick up a notch next season! LOL


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John must be kvelling, "bursting with pride" right now. :)
As he should be! What parent wouldn’t be proud of their kid following in their footsteps and being crown the best at it!
I feel for Steve his team had an epic year and if it wasn’t for the fabricated drama ( the countdown) he would have walked away with the jacket and trophy!
But the next best thing happened his (blink) teammate won!
Even though torrence deserved the championship Im happy for Brittany.
BUT I’m so unhappy that robert got another phony championship. A second black mark on him and john
And a sad day for drag racing
Congrats to team Force!

Britt had a clean year, Torrence's crash didn't help him any, and will be interesting to see what happens to Hight after his explosion and trip into the kitty litter

Sorry to see Allen Johnson and Alexis DeJoria go....hope they come back in some form like many have before.

Just saw Bandit Bo Butner beat GA! Lets see him go all the way!